06 May 2012

De-stressing by Distressing

Nothing says de-stressing like mutilating a piece of furniture. Maybe that sounds unhealthy? A scene from Office Space? (Who doesn't sometimes want to beat-up their printer?) But for me, distressing furniture is very de-stressing. Har Har.

I first got the idea of how to turn my second-hand Ikea butchers block into a more rustic piece from pinterest. Jenna at SAS Interiors did a great job, and I wanted to give it a whirl.

I used white paint to paint the bottom part of the butchers block. I then took to de-stressing my life on the poor top, using a hammer and a flathead skrew driver. I dented the top and, something that I think made a big difference, hit the corners down to make it look worn and curved. I mixed some black acrylic paint (just a dab) with some glaze that I had to rub the surface down and then added some stain, letting myself get creative with filling in the holes with some black paint for accent.I finished it up with a light sanding of the paint to give the bottom half a worn look. Check out Jenna's for the really cool stamp she put on hers, which I chose to leave out for now. Something from Ikea never looked so good!

Have some stress? Let me know how your de-stressing distressing goes! x


  1. Nicely done! Beautiful and therapeutic.

  2. This looks awesome! Way to make an ikea piece into something a bit more special!